-----| Important BattleZone Ordering Information | -----

Dear Customer:

We will process your order as soon as possible and we intend for you to be
entirely happy with your purchase. Please double check that the order is what you
intended and that you entered your address and other info correctly. If you find
an error you can respond to this notice with a correction. If you submit an incorrect
address and do not correct it, and the package gets returned to us for that reason,
you will be charged extra shipping when it is reshipped. We automatically ship
to the billing address if no shipping address is indicated.

Double check your Zip code.

NOTE: Orders containing an invalid or declined charge card will automatically
be canceled after the 3rd  notice. You will then have to reorder. You will be
notified by e-mail only.


 On regular items (not custom made) simply return your delivery within 60 days of the day you received it, in the original condition and in the original item box
 or wrapping (if applicable)for a refund. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. You do not need permission or a return authorization number to return
 an item. Please include a brief note with your name address and Zip code on it. A copy of the invoice or the invoice number is helpful.

The following conditions also apply:

* If you order an item and then refuse the package, you will be charged the
postage or delivery charge.

* Items that are damaged or lost in delivery will be replaced ONLY, not
refunded. This policy is in place to prevent fraudulent claims. There
are no exceptions to this rule. If an item arrives broken or is lost, we will
replace it no-charge. You acknowledge by ordering that this is the agreement.

* Custom made items, like dog tags, items ordered in large quantities and
therefore produced especially for you, or custom produced patches, are not
returnable except for a mistake in production and then only for the corrected
item. There would be the normal amount of time needed for remaking the item.

*  We do not ship COD

Except for the special circumstances mentioned above, all items are
returnable for any reason. You do not have to keep an item with which you are
dissatisfied. We want you to be happy with your purchase, and we want your
future business!

Order turn-around time of in-stock items is usually less than 10 days. At busy
times and for other reasons it can run 18 days. This does not include the
time it takes for the Post office to deliver your written order to us, or
the time it takes for them to deliver the filled order to you. All of that
depends on distance and other factors.

BACK ORDERS: Usually back ordered items are shipped in a week or two. However,
if there are back orders, PLEASE allow EIGHT WEEKS for complete delivery of
back-ordered items. This is especially true on hats.

There is no additional shipping charge on back orders.

We do not charge your charge card until we ship!


Some back ordered items consistently take longer to ship:


Custom engraved bracelets take about a month, sometimes less.
All custom work requires a deposit of about 1/2. This is charged shortly
after you place your order. When your order is ready to ship, you are then
charged the balance.

If you have ordered a qty of 20 or more bracelets, you will receive a SECOND
confirming memo, done manually, that will specify your lower you
do not have to be concerned that the original confirming memo does not show
the discounted pricing. You WILL get the reduced price.

Most hats are in stock most of the time. However, hats which are out of stock at
the moment may take over a month to ship. This is particularly true of hats with
eggs. Since hats are one of our popular gift-giving categories it is important
that you anticipate your needs early. Recently many of the older hats are getting
discontinued. We are updating as quickly as we can.

Dog Tags are usually shipped in about 14 days.
Please note that special shipping conditions apply for hats, flags, books, and foreign (non-US/APO) orders.
These conditions are listed below.

General Shipping charges within the US or to APO addresses:
$1.00  to $15.00          $4.50
$15.01 to $25.00          $5.50
$25.01 to $35.00          $6.95
$35.01 to $50.00          $7.75
$50.01 to $75.00          $8.95
$75.01 to $100           $10.75
$101.01 to $150          $13.75
$150.01 to $200          $15.95
$200.01 to $250          $16.75
$250.01 to $300          $17.75
$300.01 to $350          $18.75
$350.01 to $400          $19.75
$400.01 to $500          $20.75
$500.01 to $600          $21.75
$600.01 to $700          $22.75

Orders over $700 will have to be calculated individually depending on value, weight, and distance.

Canada = $3.00 + basic shipping above
Overseas and Mexico: $15 plus basic shipping above
All APO, FPO orders are shipped at domestic rates, plus insurance (insurance usually around $2)

Delivery to some locations can be problematical, examples: govt agencies,
military bases, large corporations. Parcels frequently just disappear.
Therefore, at the discretion of, a return receipt may be
required, cost for that being borne by the customer.

If you are using an APO address please make sure the address is accurate
and complete. APO parcels frequently get returned for an incorrect address. If
your parcel is returned because the address is inadequate you will be
charged a reshipping charge.

You can opt for a faster shipping method. These are not automatically
offered. The costs  for PRIORITY MAIL, FED EX, or EXPRESS MAIL when used are estimated only.
Extra surcharges are frequently added by the carriers. Please request these services by e mail

If the actual Fed Ex, etc, charges are higher than what is quoted to you,
you will be invoiced the difference.

It is generally impossible for us to receive an order on one day an get it
to you the very next day. There are always hundreds of orders in process
and it is not possible to drop everything to handle your order. When using
these services you must allow approximately 3 days for us to get your order
out (assuming it is in stock). On the other hand it is important to emphasize that we normally
do get orders out very quickly and we will do our best to rush yours out also.

Personal emergencies, such as funerals, are considered on a case by case
basis. E mail us.

Special handling applies only to the first delivery on an order and not to
the delivery of back orders. In other words, if it takes two deliveries to
complete an order that is to be shipped Fed Ex, the second part will not also
be sent Fed Ex but by regular means.

If you wish your order somewhat faster you can request Priority Mail and there
would be a $6. extra charge (unless the priority charge is higher), with no
guarantees as to how speedy the Post Office will be. And the necessary  amount
of time still has to be left for us to process and send the order.

FED EX, and EXPRESS MAIL are also available. Please note that the basic LETTER
cost on these services starts at about $25 on Express Mail and more on Fed Ex..
This charge is in addition to our basic shipping and handling charge. Any charges
over the basic charge will be back billed to the customer. As the weight goes up,
as the distance varies, the charges go up dramatically. And there are those annoying
surcharges that tend to spring up after the shipment has been sent. For that reason
it is best to stay ahead of your deadlines. We make no money on these services and
would prefer not to see you waste your money unnecessarily. We also do not
guarantee their service.  If you order an item Fed Ex and we drop it, say, on Thurs, and
it does not reach you till Monday, you are not then entitled to a refund of the Fed Ex  charges.
We do not guarantee their services.

CREDIT APPROVAL on Fed Ex and Express Mail orders may delay the order. If you
place an order, especially a large order, and request it Fed Ex and this is your
first order, you cannot expect it to be shipped until we are sure of your credit
worthiness and that your charge transaction is not fraudulent. You may be
required to fax an imprint of both sides of your charge card along with your
signature. If the fax is illegible it will be useless. All of this will be time
consuming. You generally must plan ahead or be prepared to wait.

Obviously long term established customers will NOT have this problem.

Unlike most of our competitors we ship overseas and to APO addresses
all the time!

In the past, overseas deliveries have been seriously delayed because of
security problems. Please be aware of this. You might wait longer than you
might expect.

In Addition to BASIC S & H there is an overseas surcharge for insurance.
This surcharge to most locations is $15. (does NOT apply to APO/FPO orders)

On small orders we reduce this at our discretion.

For Canada that surcharge is only $3

If the actual charges are in  excess of $15 + Basic (Canada, $3 plus Basic)
that excess will be also billed and must be paid before delivery. Deliveries
to certain areas of the world are risky. At our discretion such packages
will be sent REGISTERED mail. If this is necessary there will be an additional
$11.50 or appropriate charge. Should actual costs exceed this as they often will,
the excess will be billed also. This will not necessarily speed up delivery
since most international orders are held for credit reasons to prevent the use
of fraudulently obtained/used charge card numbers. Large foreign orders
will be charged first and then held for a month to establish credit worthiness.

Generally we do not ship to Nigeria or Indonesia.
A few other locations are also problematical.

Local custom charges may be assessed by your country

Deliveries with heavy items like books, will be shipped surface, all regular
charges still apply.

Due to heavy postage costs on Foreign Deliveries, such orders  may be held
until they can be completely filled and THEN will be shipped. These orders
will be held only up to one month. They will be released with all remaining
back-orders canceled.

E Mail can only be delivered if you provide a correct e mail address.

All orders receive almost instantaneous confirmation.
All orders and back orders are sent with shipping notices.

If you provide an incorrect address, if your box is full, or your Spam
Blocker zaps our mail, etc, then you won't get the notices for your order.

If you do not receive notices, it is not because we have not sent them.
Please try to find out why. We answer virtually all e mail quickly.

Any questions contact us at

Best regards
Keith Holt

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